Everything You Need to Know About Land Surveying Project Management

As a construction contractor, you know that land surveying is one of the most important steps in any development project. It's essential to accurately map out the boundaries of a project before you begin building. That's why it's important to understand how land surveying project management works and how to ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget. Organising Your Team The most important part of land surveying project management is organising your team. [Read More]

Asbestos Removal: Protecting Your Family's Health

Asbestos is a hazardous material that was once widely used in construction and insulation. Its fibres are incredibly strong and heat-resistant, making it a useful material for many purposes. Unfortunately, asbestos is also known to cause serious health problems, including lung cancer and mesothelioma. For this reason, removing asbestos from your home or workplace as soon as possible is important to ensure that no lingering side effects occur down the track. [Read More]

Do You Need the Services of a Competent Land Surveyor?

A land survey is a crucial part of the land transactions and development process. Before any of these activities, you should ensure that you have clearly understood the boundaries, topography, layout and all other aspects of the parcel of land. Mistakes or overlooking the survey process can lead to complications and endless land disputes, wasting money and slowing down your project. Here are some of the instances that require a proper land survey beforehand. [Read More]

4 Ways Waterproofing Can Improve Your Home

Waterproofing is a fundamental way of protecting your home from the elements. By waterproofing your home, you can improve its appearance, increase its value and extend the life of your roof and other exterior features. This article discusses four ways that waterproofing can improve your home. Read on to find out more! Prevent water damage Water can be an extremely damaging force. It can cause wood rot, rust damage and mould growth, and it can also lead to foundation problems. [Read More]