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Do You Need the Services of a Competent Land Surveyor?

A land survey is a crucial part of the land transactions and development process. Before any of these activities, you should ensure that you have clearly understood the boundaries, topography, layout and all other aspects of the parcel of land. Mistakes or overlooking the survey process can lead to complications and endless land disputes, wasting money and slowing down your project. Here are some of the instances that require a proper land survey beforehand. 

When You Want to Extend Your Home

As you continue living in a home, you might realise that it does not serve you as efficiently as it did when your family was small. Many families look for competent contractors to help them extend the home because it is cheaper than buying a new home. However, find someone to assess your property boundaries and tell you how far you can take the extension. Different localities have their unique building and construction by-laws. You should also create enough setback space between the house and the property boundary. A surveyor will reassess your lot boundaries and help re-establish them. It keeps the extension within the lines and avoids conflicts with neighbours and local laws. 

When You Need to Install a Fence

Fence installation is another delicate part of the ownership and construction process. Fences are crucial because they create privacy and let neighbours know where their property ends and the next begins. However, some people's homes have barriers that do not correspond with the property boundary registered with the lands department. You should hire a surveyor to help you locate your actual boundary line before trying to erect a fence. Knowing the bounds can save you from conflict and liabilities. You can also call in the surveyor when you already have a dispute with a neighbour about the lines. The professional will help resolve it by establishing the actual demarcation. 

When You Want Guidance on Land Development

All aspects of land development have a financial component. Unlike smaller projects, land development is capital-intensive. It means that small mistakes in any part of the development process can cost you hefty sums of money. Therefore, you should have someone guide you on the property boundaries, the topography and soil composition before you spend money. A surveyor will give you a comprehensive report to guide your decisions. 

These are just a few cases where you might need guidance and expertise from a surveyor. 

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