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Understanding Drone Land Surveying Services

Many land surveying services are moving to the use of drones. This allows them to offer aerial surveys to their clients. What you may not know are how these drone-driven aerial surveys can help with your land survey request. Here are a few things to understand about drone land surveying and how the surveyors offering this option may be able to assist in your property needs. 

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is an innovative way that many surveyors are using drone technology. This type of scanning uses the drone to take 3-D imaging of the property. It can use this scanning and imaging to create the coordinates and use those coordinates to mark property lines. There are several benefits to this. The main benefit is that the 3-D laser scanning is accurate. For that reason, drone scanning is becoming an increasingly requested service by residential and commercial property owners. The laser surveys can also make waypoints based on the information you need and utilise specific measurements to mark off the property for your deed and land registration needs. 

Topographic Surveys

If you are considering specific types of land for your commercial property, you may need a topographical survey. This survey will show you the points of lakes, mountains, ridges and other land changes that can affect your commercial property outcome and the development process. A land surveying company using drone technology can offer topographical drone maps. These aerial maps can show precise locations of various land formations that are more accurate than traditional survey methods. 

High-Quality Survey Maps

Some of the land surveying companies have already started using drone technology to help them develop high-quality survey maps of surrounding areas. This means a survey for your land, or the surrounding area, may already be available. The aerial maps come in various options including simple land surveys, waypoint surveys and topographical surveys. This means you can obtain much of the survey information you need from land surveyors using drone services for their clients. 

If you believe any of these drone-driven services will help with your land surveying and property marking, contact your local land surveyors. They can help with the types of services they offer, the cost for each service and which ones may be ideal for your needs. They can also offer different packages that utilise their drone services and fit your budgeting needs. Contact a land surveyor for more information.