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4 Reasons to Look Forward to a Knock-Down Rebuild Home Project

Demolishing a house that you currently live in to rebuild a better one on the same piece of land is a big decision. Besides the fact that the upfront costs of rebuilding can be higher than remodelling, a knock-down rebuild can take an emotional toll on your wellbeing. Eulogising the place you've called home for years is never easy.

That said, there are so many great reasons to look forward to a knock-down rebuild home project. Here are some common home goals you can set out to achieve.

Creating a More Efficient Home

Most older houses weren't built with efficiency in mind. The lack of a passive design in these houses has forced homeowners to heavily rely on mechanical heating and cooling solutions to keep their families comfortable. This has resulted in high energy bills at home.

The need for more passively designed homes is pushing many homeowners to knock the home down and rebuild. After all, mechanical heating and cooling systems can only be as efficient as the homes in which they're used.

Ensuring Safety At Home

If you've recently had your current home inspected and learned that it has some major structural defects that make it unsafe for human occupation, it may be best to tear it down and rebuild instead of repairing the structure. 

While home repairs can help extend the life of your existing home, they might be uneconomical if you'll still need to demolish and rebuild a few years down the line due to recurring safety concerns.

Building a Contemporary Home

If your house is one of the oldest properties in your neighbourhood and you think it can benefit from a style changeover, it makes sense to knock it down and rebuild from scratch. A knock-down rebuild can help modernise the style of your home so it can blend in nicely with the look of other houses in the surrounding area. 

Creating More Living Space

Not all homes can benefit from a home extension. Yet, many Australian families are outgrowing their existing homes every year. If you lack the yard space to extend outwards or your house wasn't designed to accommodate storey additions, tearing down and rebuilding may be your only option for creating the extra living space you need so much.

Although knocking down to rebuild presents you with the opportunity to achieve goals that may not be achievable with a renovation or extension of your old homes, it generally involves doing more work. The good news is that you don't have to tackle the project yourself. A residential construction contractor near you can hold your hand every step of the way, from demolition through to design, construction, and completion.