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Top Tips When Hiring A Traffic Control Service

Do you wish to hire a traffic control service? Traffic control services are an instant solution to contractors who need a traffic control strategy at their site. The service provides the equipment and personnel required to control human and vehicle movement at the site. Below is an excerpt discussing the considerations to make when hiring a traffic control service. 


Similar to any other service provider at your site, it is prudent to conduct a background study to determine how the traffic control service relates to its customers. Internet reviews and testimonials will help you establish the company's professionalism and customer service policy. You should also assess the company's licencing. Additionally, the company should have adequate insurance to cover their employees and any subcontractors at the site. 

Project Suitability

Below are some ways to assess the company's suitability for your project. 

  • Has the company handled a similar project in the past? It is a vital concern if you are running a large operation such as a civil works or commercial construction project.
  • Does the company have trained staff? The primary purpose of a traffic control plan is to improve site operations, prevent downtimes and ensure safety. As such, you need an experienced and innovative team handling this function.
  • Does the company have high-tech equipment to control traffic at your site? For instance, you could need traffic signs, communication equipment, arrow boards, traffic delineators and bollards.
  • What is the company's availability? Construction projects could run for months or even years. As such, you need a traffic control service that is committed to the project. 


Assess the company's expertise by asking them to draft a traffic management plan for your site. The company's first task would be to conduct a site inspection and assessing your construction program. This information will allow the company to determine your priorities and any challenges that they are likely to face. The company will also inquire about the expected human and vehicular traffic at the site. It will help them determine effective traffic reduction measures. For example, they could advocate that non-essential vehicles should not cross beyond a specific point. The company should also determine appropriate entrance and exit locations. 

Terms And Conditions

Most companies will have their terms stipulated in the engagement contract. However, it would be wise to negotiate these plans to suit your needs at the site. For example, you could ask them to provide a 24/7 service. Bargain the company's terms and payment policies. For instance, you could ask them to remove penalties for late repayments. 

When hiring a traffic control service, assess the company reputation, project suitability, expertise, terms and conditions.