Building a Business Brick by Brick

The Benefits of Screw Piling

If you are planning your first construction project, you may not have considered the benefit of using screw piles for the foundations of the building. This article describes the benefits of using screw piles when completing construction work. Read on to find out more!

Reduced project times

The installation of screw piles is considerably faster than traditional foundations, so in general, it takes less time to complete the project. If you are a builder, you could quickly move on to working on another project. It will also reduce the amount of time your clients need to wait for their home or other building to be completed.

Easy installation

The simplicity in getting a screw pile foundation up and ready for use means that many contractors can install them themselves without the need for heavy equipment to excavate large areas of land as part of the foundation work. 

Reduced carbon footprint

One of the biggest advantages of screw pile foundations is that they reduce the carbon footprint of your project. This is because installing them requires less heavy equipment and a reduced amount of building material such as concrete, meaning the foundations will reduce the number of greenhouse gases produced during the project. With screw piles, you can be proud to show your clients that you are committed to protecting the environment.

Lower risk to the workforce

Due to their simplicity, screw pile foundations are much safer for people working on or around them as there is no heavy lifting or excavations which create an additional hazard.

Lower costs

Because the foundations are constructed using fewer materials than traditional foundations, they cost less money overall. This is excellent for businesses that work within strict budgets, as they will end up with more money at the end of their project.

Less waste

If you are building a temporary structure, screw pilings are a great choice. When using screw piles to support concrete floors or foundations, it takes very little to unscrew the pile and remove the foundation. This means that no specialist equipment needs to be bought or leased in order to remove them when they are no longer required. You will also save on waste removal costs, as less concrete and other construction materials will be used in the building process. This is because the foundations are constructed using fewer materials than traditional foundations.

If you are planning a construction project, you should consider whether screw pile foundations are right for your needs. For more info, contact a local company today.