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A Simple Guide to Land Surveyors

A land survey is a group of activities that are performed to measure and map the environment to identify points and distances between them. These activities are carried out by land surveyors, who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and pieces of equipment to map land.

You may already know that land has many uses that can be categorised as commercial, residential or public. Because of these different uses, you might come across different types of land surveyors with various specialisations. Here are some of the land surveyors you might come across:

Boundary Land Surveyors

These surveyors carry out boundary surveys to determine the true corners of a property and where the property lines lie. You might have heard of people having disputes over property lines. Land surveyors who specialise in boundary land survey can be of great assistance in such a situation.

They first need to carry out research to identify the initial owners of the properties and also examine historical records. They can then use their tools on the properties to identify where the true boundary lines lie and solve disputes. To avoid such disputes while buying a property, hire land surveyors to help you know where all corners and lines lie; this can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Elevation/Floodplain Land Surveyors

Before purchasing a piece of land or a construction project begins on a given property, it is crucial to have land surveyors visit the property to carry out an elevation or floodplain land survey. This is a survey carried out to check the height of a property and its relation to flood zones. You don't want to purchase a piece of land located in a floodplain if you know floods will affect the intended use of the land.

Route Plan Land Surveyors

This is another important survey; some pieces of property have been marked for road use by the government. If you happen to buy such a property, know that in the future, you might lose your investment. You are expected to find out all the details about a particular property before purchase; hire route plan land surveyors to help you find out whether a particular piece of land is marked for road use.

Court Exhibit/Judicial Land Surveyors

These are surveyors who carry out land surveys to verify the records of positions of monuments and physical features on maps that are to be used in a courtroom.