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Why You Should Get Your Insulation Fixed Or Upgraded Before Summer Begins

A lot of Australians initially welcome the summer heat, especially after the colder months that can be freezing for many people in the southern states. However, it does not take long for this anticipation to turn to dread after the temperature creeps up and remains in the high 20's up to the low 40's for months on end. For those that have put off upgrading or replacing their insulation, summer might seem like a relief, but in actual fact, it can be much worse than the winter months were. Here is a quick look at why residential insulation should be a priority before this summer begins.

Insulation Works All Year Round

Insulation works by reducing the transfer of heat from one side to the other. In the winter it stops the transfer of heat from inside your home to the outside, keeping it nice and toasty. During summer the same process occurs except this time insulation blocks the heat from outside your home getting in, keeping it cooler. That means that not only does insulation work in summer but it is probably working harder than it has to during winter. If you want to better control the temperature in your home all year round then residential insulation is a must.

Your House Is More Affected By Heat In Summer Than Cold In Winter

The reason summer affects your homes heat more is simple: sunlight. While in winter people actively open their blinds and curtains to let sunlight in to heat up the house, during summer this is a whole other problem. Even with your air conditioning working, the sunlight coming in through the windows can work like a greenhouse and heat up your home very quickly, especially in parts that are not directly next to your air conditioning. Insulation helps to combat this heat transfer in any way possible, giving your air conditioning and fans a more manageable workload.

Sales Are Active

During the intermediary seasons (autumn and spring) most insulation companies offer discounts because of the more moderate temperatures. Not as many people are looking to get insulation installed or upgraded during these months because the fluctuations towards hot or cold are much less. That is great news for you, as there are many options that are competitively priced that can save you a bunch of cash. Even if you just want your insulation inspected to see if you do need an upgrade you should organise that now before the rush begins again in summer.