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Tips for Increasing the Efficiency of Your Cooling Tower

Many manufacturing processes need water. Most firms follow the protection guidelines put in place for using water. Yet, that is not enough to sustain the water supplies. That is why industries need to recycle and reuse their water. Companies understand this, and they are choosing to use cooling towers. You need to find ways to increase the efficiency of your cooling tower when using it in your firm. Here are tips to help you get a more efficient cooling tower.

Concentrate On Recycling

For you to preserve energy, the cooling tower should be working correctly. An efficient cooling tower can also help you save money. The high-quality structures are made so that they recycle almost all the wasted water. When you manage to recover nearly 98% of the water from your systems, you will save on energy. You will also reduce the amount of water you are using. 

Understand the Kind Of Cooling Tower You Are Using

Familiarising yourself with the cooling tower will help you increase its efficiency. Different cooling towers are exposed to various contaminants. That means each tower requires specific treatment. One type of cooling towers is the closed recirculating cooling tower. There is also the once-through and open recirculation cooling tower system. Take the time to understand how each type works. Every kind of cooling water unit has different maintenance and care needs. 

Know the Kind of Materials Used In Making the Unit

Understanding the materials used helps in understanding how to run it efficiently. Each element has a different reaction to environmental deterioration. Most of the newer cooling towers are made using polyester reinforced with fibre. These towers are light in weight and can withstand chemicals with a high pH. Galvanised metal is another material used in cooling towers today. These also have a stainless steel basin. Such cooling towers are durable and do not cost a lot. Take the time to understand the materials used in making most of the towers. You should also understand what is used in making the different parts of the unit. Also, talk to your water treatment expert. They will give recommendations on the water quality of your tower.


For you to have an efficient cooling tower, you need to be aware of the potential issues. That will help you solve them before they affect how your cooling unit works. Working with water treatment specialists will help you find perfect solutions for the cooling unit.