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Guidelines to Consider Before Painting Your Occupied Commercial Space

Are you planning to paint your occupied commercial building? Whether you simply want to change the interior or exterior colour or the building's finish needs a revamp, a commercial repainting project can transform your commercial space by making it attractive. However, repainting projects can be challenging — you have to achieve your goal within the stipulated time, without disrupting the building's occupants or tenants. While hiring a commercial painter will make the work easier, there are some tips you need to consider to ensure the project is a success. Some of those guidelines are outlined below.

Create a reasonable plan

The key to minimising disruption when painting a commercial building is creating a work plan that outlines how the job will be done. Your commercial painter should help you with this, too, since they know their work speed as well as your requirements. Once the job is scheduled in stages, the occupants will continue with their regular day-to-day tasks until the painter gets to them. It would be unfair to force your occupants to shut down the business entirely or seek shelter in another place for days as they wait for the painter to finish the project.

Use safe paint

Regardless of the type of commercial building you own, it's vital to ensure the paint you'll use is safe. The last thing you want is to choose a paint that will make the building occupant feel uncomfortable. A good option you can consider is low-VOC paints. You also need to get fans that will assist the commercial painter in managing the environment without exposing the occupants to serious health risks. Remember, it's your responsibility as the property owner to ensure everyone is safe.

Inform the building occupiers

Another smart move you should make before you allow the painter to do their job is to inform the commercial space occupants about your plans. This will enable them to make any necessary adjustments for the upcoming maintenance. Make sure you provide specific dates and times when the commercial painters will come and notify them of any changes that might occur as a result of the project. Since the occupants want the building to look great, they'll be supportive regardless of the minor inconveniences they may experience while the repainting job is being done.

Do not be tempted to overlook the significance of regular maintenance tasks like repainting because your commercial building is already occupied. Instead, opt to assign the task to a commercial painter, and follow the outlined tips to get the job done.