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5 Advantages of Linear Shower Drainage

If you are remodelling your bathroom, you have many choices to make. One choice is whether to select linear or central drainage for your shower. Here are five reasons why linear shower drainage is likely to be the best option for you over the long term.

1. Installation Is Easy

Choosing linear shower drainage makes the process of installing tiles on your shower floor as easy as possible. A linear drain relies on a slightly sloping floor to drive water towards the drain. In contrast, a centre drain requires the floor to slope in four directions towards a central point, which makes cutting and placing tiles to fit a challenge even for a confident tile-setter.

2. Greater Shower Accessibility

When you choose linear shower drainage, there is no need to have a lip or curb around your shower stall to prevent water from spilling out. All you need is a shower screen or wall along one edge of the shower space. The ability to walk into the shower without stepping over a curb reduces the risk of tripping, making the space accessible to elderly or disabled people who are not very steady on their feet. If the space is large enough, it could even be accessible to wheelchair users.

3. Smoother Lines

When you have to cut and shape your tiles to make them fit around a central shower drain, the effect can be a complex and messy pattern that disrupts the design of your bathroom. Linear shower drains allow you to maintain a sleek minimalist design, which is perfect for a room associated with cleanliness.

4. Easy Maintenance

Linear shower drainage makes it easy to maintain your shower's plumbing. The drainage area in a linear system is typically larger than in a central drainage system, making it less likely that the drain will become blocked. When the drain needs cleaning, all you need to do is wipe down the drain with the bathroom cleaner of your choice, remove any stray hairs that have been caught by the drain cover and rinse with plenty of hot water.

5. Safety

When you have a central shower drain, it is easy to catch your toes on the drain cover. This can lead to cuts and grazes. In contrast, a linear shower drain is usually placed close to the wall, where it is well out of the way of your bare feet. 

To learn more about linear shower drainage options, contact companies like Hydro Construction Products.