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Three Things You Should Think About Before Getting A Carport

For many Australians their car is their pride and joy and they want to protect it at all costs. Considering a large amount of the time your car is parked out the front of your house it is no surprise that carports are a popular addition to many homes without an existing garage. However, because carports are largely freestanding structures, they are often not original to the house, and if you want one you probably have to get it built custom by professional carport builders. If you are considering getting a carport then here are some things that should be on your mind to ensure you make an informed choice.

Go For Steel

Most carport builders will tell you the same thing: if you want your carport to last then go for steel. Canvas and special hardened plastic are other options but those simply don't have the longevity nor the durability that steel does. Treated steel carports can last for decades with minimal maintenance while withstanding the tougher weather elements such as hail and strong winds. Canvas and plastic carport coverings have their own benefits, primarily that they are cheaper, but if you want something to last and actually protect your car, then it has to be steel.

Leave Room To Grow

You may only have one car that you really think needs to be covered but that limits your growth as a car owner. Many carport builders do dual carports for not that much more than a single carport since most of the cost is labor. Considering how close it can be to the cost of a single carport, it makes sense to give yourself the option to get more cars. At worst you have more space for your current car and also a bit of room to store items such as car related items and accessories. 

Location Location Location

Carport builders are hesitant to install carports that are too far out of the way, but you do need to think about exactly where you will put your carport near your home. Too close and the area can feel crowded but too far away and it looks very odd. You can connect your carport to your original homes structure but that is an additional cost that you should be aware of. If your current driveway isn't that great, then consider have a carport jutting off from it with its own connection to the driveway. Having a standalone carport is great for caravans that might only see use a few times a year but are still very valuable.