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Why Engineered Wood Floors Are More Flexible

If you love the look and feel of nature and try to bring it inside your home as much as possible, then you may be thinking about an upgrade to your flooring. You might have always relied on conventional coverings or maybe even a carpet, but they will simply have to go if you want to be far more authentic. In this case, you need to look at a wood-based product, but you will need to choose between multiple options. What do you need to consider as you make your selection?

Solid Versus Engineered

You might imagine that a solid oak floor would be your first choice, as it would certainly appear to be more rustic or authentic, but it may have a number of drawbacks and may not be the ideal solution. After all, you do have to take into account the natural properties of the wood and how it is likely to react to its location, while you will also want to make sure that your new floor is as low maintenance as possible.


This is why engineered oak flooring may be more appropriate, as it is specially made to help deal with irregularities. Bear in mind that wood in its natural form has a tendency to absorb moisture, and this can lead to a number of surface irregularities or problems as time goes by.

Engineered flooring solutions are much more flexible and can move to a certain extent as temperature and humidity conditions change. This will help you to avoid the inevitable splits, gaps and other issues that you may find if you install a solid floor.

Changing Conditions

Conditions in the modern-day home can often change during the course of a particular day and will certainly change as the seasons roll around. Heating and air conditioning systems will trigger a change in the moisture content of the area, and when this happens, the wood can be stressed.

To counter this, engineered flooring is composed of several different layers of wood, specially chosen and joined together to form a sturdy product and a flexible solution. This will be even more important if you intend to install underfloor heating, as this will produce an additional element of stress due to the sizeable temperature change.

Your Choice

Talk with your contractors and suppliers about your plans and they will help to explain your options carefully. They are likely to recommend a product like an engineered oak flooring solution in your case.