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Benefits Of Slate Pavers For Your Patio And Home

Relaxing on your deck and enjoying the garden is a great way to slow down and unwind. For the most luxurious experience, you need a beautiful environment. One path to achieving this is with slate. Here are some advantages of this natural stone

Offers Diverse Colours

Slate pavers are available in a rainbow of diverse colours, including blues, purples, greens, greys and rusts. Depending on its origin, the stone displays streaks of other hues across its surface. For instance, blue slate might show ridges of white, grey and dark blue. Green varieties can show glints of pastel, lime and bright green. Stunning red slate comes with touches of yellows and browns. Once these pavers combine across a surface, they produce an attractive multi-coloured effect. Random minerals within the slate cause the natural diversity, which adds appeal as it means that no two installations will look the same.

Comes In A Variety Of Shapes And Patterns

When installing slate pavers, you can choose from various shapes which you can lay in different patterns. Random designs use diverse slate pieces, which fit together in an ad-hoc way. These irregular surfaces consist of an array of unusual shapes so your patio will be unique. Alternatively, use square or rectangular pavers to create uniform herringbone, running bone or stacked patterns.

Versatility Provides Design Options

Slate is incredibly versatile so you can use it in various ways around the house, both inside and out. This flexibility allows you to coordinate and harmonise the different areas. As well as patio and pool decks, you can install in on driveways, pathways and balconies. Indoors, you can use the attractive range of hues for any room, including kitchens or bathrooms. To make the most of this natural stone, why not construct a beautiful curved low wall around the patio? By building in a flat top, you can create seating areas for the family and guests to lounge on and socialise. Alternatively, decorate it with colourful flowering potted plants. Slate is open to a range of treatments, only limited by your imagination.

Durable And Non-Slip

This natural stone is extremely durable and long-lasting, even suitable for commercial high-traffic flooring. It creates a safe non-slip surface which makes it ideal for pool decks and outside environments. Once you install it in your garden oasis, you will be able to appreciate and enjoy its texture and colour for many years to come. Slate is a material that enhances with age.