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Smart plugs: An instant way of transforming your home

You've probably heard a lot about smart homes and smart devices. Being able to control your lights, kitchen appliances and even HVAC system from your smart phone sounds like an excellent feature to have in any home.

However, many smart systems come with a high upfront cost and require professional installation. If you're looking to enjoy some of the basic features of smart home systems, you can get started by using smart plugs. Smart plugs are essentially electronic plugs that come with smart functionality. They instantly convert any electronic outlet into a mini-smart system inside your home. This means that any device you connect to the smart plug will be controllable from a mobile application on your smart phone.

So how can you benefit from these highly portable and innovative devices?

1. Remotely turn devices on/off

The most basic function of smart plugs is to help you turn your electrical devices on/off from a remote location. Once you connect your device into the smart plug, you'll be able to toggle an on or off switch from the mobile app in your smart phone.

The app works with your smart plug to send and receive signals wirelessly. This means that you can control items such as TVs, coffee machines, hair dryers and stereo systems right from your app. You don't need to purchase a fully smart device to enjoy these basic features. As long as the device is connected to your smart plug, you can instantaneously control certain basic features remotely.

Imagine turning on your coffee maker while still in bed, or setting a timer for your portable fan so you can come back to a cool room during hot weather? With smart plugs, all this is possible.

2. Access data regarding power consumption

Smart plugs are also data collection machines. You can find out valuable insights regarding your power usage and identify opportunities for saving costs.

If you notice any unusual fluctuations in power supply, you may also implement timely maintenance before the device breaks down.

3. Keep the home safer

Many home fires are caused by people forgetting to turn off their electronic devices. For example, ovens, space heaters and blow dryers are just a few devices that could cause significant damage if left running for a long time.

A smart plug allows you to monitor if these devices are turned on or off. If you rushed out the door and forgot to turn off something, you can do it right from you smart phone. The end result is safer home. For more information on installing these devices, contact a local electrician.