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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Pool Pump Timer for Your Specific Needs

No one likes diving into a dirty pool during one of those hot, summer Australian afternoons. Notably, keeping your pool pump running optimally helps to keep the swimming pool water clean and inviting. That said, there are a couple of accessories that you can buy to improve the efficiency and functionality of your pool pump. A pool pump timer is one such add-on, and choosing the right one is critical to your pool pump's operation. However, you can only achieve success if you know what you want your pool pump timer to control. This article looks at this question and the types of timers that are best for each requirement.

ON/OFF Timers -- As mentioned earlier, pool pumps are excellent at keeping your pool water free of unsightly debris. However, do you need your pool to run 24 hours a day to have a clean swimming pool? If you do, then you will be paying a lot of money to keep the pump on for extended periods. You can keep the costs at bay by installing an ON/OFF pool pump timer. It will turn on the pump at times when you need the pool cleaned then turn it off accordingly.

Freeze Protection Timer -- In addition to the ON/OFF setting, some timers come with an add-on in the form of freeze protection. The add-on feature ensures extra precaution to the whole pool pump system. A freeze protection timer also ensures that the pool pump and related piping do not freeze during winter when the pool owners are away. When set, the timer turns on the filter pump when it detects that the air temperature is below the set temperature. Most importantly, freeze protection will then shut off about 20 minutes before the pump does. It helps to eliminate knocking problems that are caused by overheated pool water, thereby reducing the growth of scale and lime. While timers with pool pump freeze protection are widely used in commercial swimming pools, they are just as effective when installed in residential pools.

High/Low Speeds Timers -- How fast do you want the pool pump to run? It is another question that you should ask yourself when choosing a pool pump timer. While some pool owners wish to their pumps to run slowly, others want the pump to run fast to speed up the filtration and cleaning process. Therefore, if you want to vary the pump's speed at different times, then a high/low pool pump timer will allow you to switch between speeds at the touch of a switch. However, it is vital to note that such a timer is not a standalone device, and it only works if wired into an existing ON/OFF pump timer.

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