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Top 4 Projects That Require the Services of a Land Surveyor

Construction projects usually cost a lot of money, so you have to ensure everything is done right. One of the key experts you have to work with before hiring a construction contractor is a land surveyor. Although land surveying is a vital step in any new construction project, most remodelling projects do not necessarily require the services of land surveyors. Mapping the property isn't compulsory, provided the remodelling is limited to an existing building. In some cases, however, a land survey is required to prevent disputes with neighbours or shareholders in the future.

Below are popular home remodelling scenarios which need the service of a qualified and experienced land surveyor.

Building demolition

Demolishing and rebuilding a home lawfully counts as new construction. This means the land must be surveyed. Other than helping you fulfil the legal requirements the local government has put in place, a survey offers essential information about the property's lines and other features which could determine the design of the new home.

Fence installation

Did you know that many property line disputes are caused by improperly placed fences? Well, you don't want to be a victim too, so consider having the property surveyed beforehand. Even if you have decided to replace the existing fence, the survey will make sure the new structure is built on your property. This way, you will eliminate the chances of being in a dispute with your neighbour now or years later.

Constructing an addition

If your remodelling project will expand the existing building's footprint, you'll have to hire a land surveyor. Most jurisdictions impose limits on how close the building should get to the property line. By surveying the property before you start, you will be assured the addition is on your land and within the construction codes set by the local government.

Installing permanent improvements

New additions like patios, outbuildings and swimming pools are expensive to install, and things will get worse when you build them on your neighbour's property. The only way to prevent the demolition of your new valuable investment is to get the land surveyed.

So, whether you have decided to rebuild your home or install another fence, land surveyors will offer the information you require. This will give you peace of mind and the confidence that your building or fence is being built in the right place. You'll also prevent unpleasant surprises and disputes before they can even begin.