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Budget-Friendly Glass Splashbacks for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

One of the ways that you can renovate the look of your kitchen or bathroom, without breaking the bank, is to add a glass splashback. The misconception is that these splashbacks will cost more because they are not a synthetic material such as acrylic. The truth is there are options available that give you the glass you want without being out of your budget limits. Here are a few of those options and what to know about each one:

Self-Sticking Sheets

Self-sticking glass splashback sheets come in the form of squared-off blocks of glass tile. The tiles are already arranged, and each sheet can interlock with other sheets of the same kind. You can purchase this style of splashback in boxes of five or more sheets per box. The back of the tile sheets has an adhesive that is ready to stick to a clean and sanded surface. You simply remove the adhesive protective sheet and place the tiles on the wall. You can also cut the tiles down to fit smaller areas or to fit corners as well.

Glass Decal Blocks

When you think about decals, you probably think about easily removable vinyl options. The same concept can be used for glass decals that can be placed as splashbacks. The glass on the decal blocks is self sticking and very thin. The glass is usually cut into a pattern or design rather than with self-sticking sheets that are solid colour glass. This option is ideal if you are going for a specific pattern or shape for the splashback, such as palm tree designs or ocean waves. You can also use glass decal blocks alongside the self-sticking sheets to create the look you want.

Webbed Back Sheets

Webbed back sheets are not self-sticking options. They look very much like the self-sticking sheets in that they are solid colour tiles. They are either in rectangular tile form or small squares in colour patterns to fit your colour schemes. You can find them in alternating colours or in one solid colour, depending on your needs. The webbed backing holds the tiles together, allowing you to cut off tiles while still keeping the others together so you are placing multiple tiles at once instead of one at a time. This option is installed with the use of tile mortar and grout.

These are just a few of the budget-friendly glass splashback options for your kitchen and bathroom renovation. If any of these options sounds ideal for your renovation, contact your local home improvement store. They can help you with the options they have available and with questions you have. Keep in mind, many home improvement companies will offer an installation service based on either amount of money spent or on the products you purchase, such as tiles and splashbacks.