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Why Bricks Are Your Best Option for Edging Flowerbeds and Borders

Edging your borders and flowerbeds is an important part of your landscaping. It sharply divides the beds and the lawn, keeping everything more neat and tidy and preventing plants from getting out of control. It also helps you mow the lawn without accidentally damaging your flowers and shrubs.

There are numerous ways you can create an edge, with one of the more popular choices being wooden edging. This may be because it's cheap and easy to put in place, but it does have a number of downsides. A much better option is good old-fashioned brick, which wins out over wooden edging in a number of ways.

It's highly versatile

When you use wooden edging, it's usually premade and you're stuck with whatever size it is. Bricks offer much more versatility, however.

They can be set into the ground for flat edging that visually divides the lawn and flower beds but doesn't create a tripping hazard. Alternatively, you can have them built up higher for raised flowerbeds or a mini wall. Bricks can also be arranged in all manner of patterns and formations, giving you precise control over how your edging looks.

It resists rot and pests

Wood will usually come treated with a protective substance to stop it from rotting and to prevent pests that are attracted to timber. It wears away, though, and if you don't go through the time-consuming task of reapplying it, you've got problems.

There's no such issue with bricks, however. They're naturally durable, won't rot away when they get damp, and you won't find termites making their home within them. This translates to less effort for you when looking after your garden and an attractive appearance for longer.

It lets you develop a theme

Bricks are an extremely versatile landscaping material, and they can be used for paths, walls, seating, barbecues and various other features.

If you're someone who likes things to match so there's a theme running throughout your landscaping, you can use the same style of bricks in your edging as elsewhere. It really rounds things off and adds to the impact.

It comes with lots of options

You can get bricks in all shapes, sizes and colours. Whatever effect you're going for, you can achieve it using brick edging.

Old red bricks or those that look like natural stone are great for rustic, homely gardens, while the sharp angles and clean look of neat grey bricks works perfectly in a modern theme. Your options are more limited with wooden edging, and it doesn't generally work with contemporary landscaping. For more information, contact local bricklaying service professionals.