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3 Benefits of Installing Window Film

If you are in the process of renovating your home, you may not have considered installing window security films on the windows of the property. As well as improving your privacy, window film can also offer a number of other benefits. Read on to find out more.

Enhanced home security 

Many intruders who target residential properties target certain properties because of the items they contain, such as TVs and other expensive electronics. By installing security film on your windows that prevents people from looking in from the outside, you can help to protect your property. If a would-be intruder cannot see into your home, they are less likely to target it.

Protection during extreme weather

Australia can occasionally experience extreme weather events such as tropical storms. These events can result in high winds. While it is unlikely that high winds will cause significant damage to your property, the debris which is blown around could. If a tree branch or piece of metal strikes the window of your home, it could cause splinters of glass to fly everywhere. These splinters of glass can cause serious injuries to anyone who is in your home. However, if you apply a layer of security film to your windows, this will help to strengthen them. The additional strength provided by the security film may help to prevent the window from breaking. If the window does break, the security film will help to hold it together so it does not splinter into lots of harmful little pieces which could injury your family.

Temperature control

During an Australian summer, the temperature inside your home could get very high. The primary reason the interior of your home gets so hot is the sunlight entering through the windows. The windows in your home act like the glass in a greenhouse, trapping the rays from the sun and concentrating its heat within your home. If your home gets very hot, you may need to have your air con switched on all the time. This can be a very expensive way of keeping your home cool. A cheaper way is to install window film. Tinted window film will absorb some of the heat from the sun before it enters your home. This means you can enjoy the bright afternoons and evenings without having to worry about your home becoming too warm.

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