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Environmentally Friendly Flooring Supplies for Your Custom Home Build

Getting to custom build your residence is not an opportunity many people are granted. So if you have the chance to embark on this, undoubtedly will want to incorporate all the elements of your dream home. In recent years, as more and more people are seeking to live eco-consciously, there has been an increased interest in eco-friendly supplies that will reflect this lifestyle. Since flooring takes up a considerable amount of building materials, this would be a suitable place to start going green. The following are environmentally friendly flooring supplies that you could integrate into your custom home build.

Cork flooring supplies

While timber flooring is one of the most sought-after materials for many households, you could be concerned about whether you are contributing to deforestation. Luckily, you do not have to forgo timber flooring altogether. A new trend that is steadily gaining traction among millennial homeowners is the use of cork flooring supplies. This cork is originally harvested from the bark of oak trees. The reason why it is an eco-friendly supply is that the trees do not have to be felled for the cork to be harvested. Furthermore, the bark regrows and can be harvested again after a few years when it reaches the appropriate thickness. Hence, cork is a highly sustainable alternative to traditional timber flooring. Some of the benefits you can enjoy by installing cork flooring include high microbial resistance as well as incredible durability.

Marmoleum flooring supplies

A new-age version of linoleum, you may not be familiar with marmoleum as a viable flooring option for your home. Nonetheless, it does come with a host of benefits that make it a much better alternative to conventional flooring supplies. For starters, marmoleum is not an artificial material. This supply comprises natural ingredients so you can be assured that it does not constitute any volatile organic compounds that are harmful to both your health and the environment. Secondly, marmoleoum contains some linseed oil, which lends it bactericidal characteristics that restrict harbouring of microorganisms, making this flooring one of the more hygienic solutions that you can consider especially in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Stone flooring supplies

Another natural flooring supply that will contribute to your green building efforts is stone flooring. A huge reason for the popularity of natural stone is the astounding versatility that these materials offer. You get the chance to select from a wide selection of textures, colours and densities so you can be guaranteed that you will locate something to suit the visual elements of your residence. Nonetheless, stone flooring supplies can be incredibly expensive so you should be ready to invest heavily in these sustainable materials.