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Cash-Strapped, First-Time Home-Owner? Two Options for Rundown Concrete Driveways

Buying your first home is probably the most significant purchase you'll have made to date. If you've followed the rules of location, location, location, then you've gone for the cheapest home in the best area—this usually means a house that needs a lot of work. Ironically, the expense of renovating a first home often coincides with a lack of cash and the need for a period of frugality. If one of the things in need of renovation is a concrete driveway, read on. Concrete driveways are a significant expense and removing and replacing an old one yourself is no easy DIY feat. Here are two options for improving the look and integrity of a rundown driveway without breaking the bank.

Patch and Paint

Holes and cracks look unsightly and affect the use of your driveway. Thankfully, these can be repaired with ease. This is a job you can do yourself to help keep your driveway renovation costs to a minimum. Choose from a range of products on the market specially formulated for patching concrete. Most products are easy to use and non-shrinking—some fibre-reinforced products are even harder than standard concrete and will be 'vehicle-ready' in just a few hours.

Once you've patched the potholes and cracks, you'll want to hide the patches. Painting is the ideal solution to the problem. Coloured driveways can add curb-appeal and allow you to put your unique stamp on your home. Concrete acrylic and epoxy grade paints come in a wide variety of colours. If you feel confident to do so, you can take on the work yourself. If not, look for a local specialist contractor to do the job for you. Knowing the job will be done correctly to perfection can make the small expense worthwhile.


Resurfacing concrete driveways is the ideal middle ground—you get a stylish driveway that looks like new without the time and expense of having a new one laid. There are pour and set resurfacing products on the market for those competent in DIY. However, if you're looking for a highly professional, newly-laid finish, you're better off with an experienced contractor that specialises in resurfacing concrete. They will check that the foundation of your driveway is sound before removing the top layer. They then repair cracks before replacing the missing layer with a surface finish of your choice. There are a variety of finishes, colours and textures to choose from, and, if done by a professional, you'll extend the life of your driveway for many years.