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Factors that Determine Choice of Valve Plate for your Air Compressor

You have just finished digging a new well on your farm, and all that remains is the installation of a water pump and its accompanying air compressor. With emerging technologies, it is easy to find air compressor powered water pumps. That being said, it is critical to note that a valve plate plays a significant role in the optimal functioning of an air compressor. However, choosing the right material for your air compressor valve plate depends on several factors.

Run-time -- The amount of time your air compressor stays running dictates the type of material that should be used. As a compressor runs, it generates heat; therefore, the longer it stays on, the higher the amount of heat produced. Since heat affects the plates over time, it is important for your choice of material to be informed by run time. For instance, if you plan to expose the air compressor to a longer run- time, then you should direct a supplier to work with a stainless steel valve plate. Stainless steel has excellent heat dissipation properties and can handle heat exposure for extended periods. On the other hand, if the compressor would be on a shorter run time, your supplier could opt for a cast iron or carbon steel valve plates.

Vibration Intensity -- One thing with air compressors is that you should expect vibrations that could affect operability differently. Since various materials handle excessive vibrations differently, it is important for you to consider the type of valve plate material. For example, in case you plan to place your compressor under conditions that would cause excessive vibrations, ensure that the valve plate is made of a flexible material such as carbon steel. Unlike standard stainless steel, carbon steel is more flexible and can handle vibrations better. Avoid cast iron valve plates at all cost when the shaking is abnormal because they are brittle and tend to crack easily.

Corrosion -- Since corrosion is an enemy to most metals, you need a valve plate that will withstand the effects of corrosion for a long time. It is especially true if you plan to use your air compressor in surroundings that promote rusting. Since you will be using the air compressor to power your water pump, it is more than likely that you would expose it to water. As such, valve plates made from stainless steel, cast iron, and graphite iron will serve you better due to their resistance to corrosion. Therefore, they should last longer with proper maintenance.