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Why You Should Hire One Company for Concrete Polishing

Some owners of industrial complexes may wish to hire two or more firms to grind and polish the concrete floors of the complex in order to minimise the disruptions to the normal activities performed in that facility. However, it may not be a good idea to employ more than one concrete grinding firm because the finished product will differ. This article discusses why the results won't be uniform.

Differences in the Grinding Equipment

The surface finish usually reflects the kind of equipment that was used to grind the floor. For instance, heavier equipment will produce better results than lighter equipment. This is because the heavy equipment exerts more pressure on the grinding tools so that they remove more materials from the concrete surface. Using different companies on the same job will therefore produce different results because they are unlikely to use identical grinding equipment.

Diamond Tooling Differences

Different tools, such as diamond grits, are attached to the grinding equipment during the different stages of the polishing process. It is likely that the different contractors will use diamond tooling from different manufacturers. Those manufacturing differences (bond resins, for example) will have an impact on how fine the concrete surface will be once the grinding and polishing process is completed. Different contractors are partial to products that are made by different manufacturers, so it may be hard to make them to agree to the use of the same diamond tooling products.

Variations in the Polishing Sequence

The difference in the finished product is likely to be further compounded by the differences in the way that the different contractors conduct each stage of the process. For example, a difference in the timing of the application of the "densifier" (chemicals that can harden the concrete surface after grinding is complete) can have a marked impact on the finished floor. Add to that the difference in the specific chemicals that are used and you will understand why your floors can never look the same when they have been polished by different companies.

As you can see, asking different concrete grinding and polishing contractors to work on different sections of your industrial floors is a recipe for having floors that are remarkably different from each other. It is therefore wiser for you to get a contractor who has enough equipment and personnel so that several groups of workers can use identical methods and materials to grind and polish the floors quickly.