Building a Business Brick by Brick

Reasons to Use a Scissor Lift Hire for Your Building Flip

When you first thought of getting into flipping buildings for profit, you likely thought about the options of older homes or foreclosed properties that had been damaged.  As you expand, you may have found that flipping business buildings and office spaces can be just as lucrative. For this type of construction flip, you will need some equipment that may not have been necessary before. One of these pieces of equipment is a scissor lift. Here are a few reasons you should consider using a scissor lift hire for your building flip.

First Time Growing Pains

If this is your first time doing a large building flip, you will want to use a scissor lift hire instead of purchasing the lift. This is due largely in part to the growing pains of learning the differences and making the adjustments to business versus residential real estate flipping projects. By hiring out the scissor lift, to safely reach the uppermost areas of the building, you can avoid costly errors. Some of these costly errors are things like getting the wrong size lift or not understanding how to operate the lift and causing retraction and expansion issues.

Labour Hire Ability

A second reason to use a scissor hire rental is the ability to hire the labour as well. This can be said for most any hire of equipment, however, it is especially important for scissor lifts. The reason for this is due to the credentials you will want for your labour hire. You do not want to hire someone who has general knowledge and may have worked the equipment a few times in the past. You want someone who knows exactly how to use the lift, how to stop and retract it appropriately, how to gauge possible issues with the scissor lift, and how to fix those issues. Someone with general labour hire experience will not have that. If you are hiring out the scissor lift specifically, it is more likely you can get the labour just as specifically.

Safety Options

You may be thinking that it would just be easier to use a series of ladders or some other option. The truth is, if you are dealing with construction work on the outer levels of buildings, the easiest option and the safest is going to be a scissor lift. The lifts are made to offer stability on the full lift platform for multiple people. They also offer stability as the lift rises up and retracts down. This prevents falls and reduces the chances of accidental injury on the worksite.

By using a hire instead of buying the scissor lift outright, you can avoid costly mishaps that were done by first time user error or by construction management errors that advise for the wrong lift sizes or related issues. If you are not sure what scissor lift you need, or how to proceed with the hire, consider a consultation with a reputable hire company that assists with all aspects of the scissor lift hire including labour.