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Concrete Protective Coating: Popular Options to Consider

Whether you are looking to revamp your current concrete flooring or are installing new flooring altogether, one of the considerations to have would be what type of protective coating to use. Since there are an assortment of choices to select from, some homeowners may find the task daunting, especially if they are unfamiliar with their options. It should be noted that in addition to providing your concrete flooring with protection against degradation, your choice of coating can also provide it with additional properties such as slip resistance, aesthetic appeal and more. Below are some of the popular options of concrete protective coatings you could consider.

Penetrative sealants

As the name implies, these types of concrete protective coatings will permeate the exterior surface of your flooring. The penetrative sealants are particularly ideal for outdoor concrete flooring that is exposed to the changing weather elements all year round. Penetrative sealants are characterised by their matte finish that is transparent. Hence, it will not change the appearance of your concrete flooring. It should be noted that penetrative sealants should be reapplied on a scheduled basis, as they will succumb to wear and tear over time.

Acrylic sealants

These types of concrete protective coating come in two primary forms. The first are the solvent formulas and the second are the water-based sealants. Acrylic sealants are an attractive option for homeowners, as they can be used for both interior and exterior applications. Once applied on the concrete, the sealant forms a thin layer on the surface of the flooring, shielding it from staining and weathering. Nevertheless, acrylic sealants do come with some drawbacks. Despite being one of the most affordable options you can consider, you would have to engage in regular waxing of the surface to keep the flooring in pristine condition. It should also be noted that acrylic sealants can be prone to heel marks, thus they would require regular cleaning. However, if you are looking for a concrete protective coating that will provide you with quick installation, an acrylic sealant would be ideal as it dries fast and the flooring can be used in a short time.

Epoxy sealants

Epoxy sealants are considered to be one of the versatile protective coatings that you could choose as they provide you with the added advantage of enhancing the appeal of your concrete. Epoxy sealants are made of resins that have various materials incorporated into them, including sand, vinyl or coloured quartz so as to give the coating a unique appearance. Epoxy sealants are also highly durable as they are abrasion resistant, making them less susceptible to deterioration when applied in high traffic areas.