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Four Traits to Look for When Choosing an Explosives Supplier

If you run a mine, you know that lots of explosives suppliers are vying for your attention. Which company should you select? How do you find a great explosive supplier? To guide you in the right direction, consider looking for these qualities in your supplier.

1. Large Inventory With a Variety of Explosives

Even if you're committed to a single explosive right now, it may not meet your needs in the future. To ensure you've got your bases covered, look for an explosives supplier who offers a large catalog of explosives including custom options. For instance, you may want a company that offers simple ammonium nitrate with fuel oil explosives as well as emulsion blends. You may also want options such as electronic initiation systems and emulsions designed specifically to work with upholes.

2. Bulk Delivery Options

If you run a small operation, you may be fine with explosives delivered ready to use, but for most mines, that isn't the most strategic option. Instead, you may want to work with a supplier that offers explosives in bulk quantities. Then, you can get what you need, mix the ingredients on site, and pump them directly into the hole.

3. Portable Emulsion Plants

If you don't have the right equipment to mix your explosives on site, you may want to work with a supplier who can provide portable emulsion plants. These suppliers can bring the equipment to your site. Then, whenever you need more explosives, the portable plant can make what you need. This is ideal if you're working in a remote area where you can't easily source the raw materials you need or when it's not feasible to bring in explosives ready to use.

4. Consulting and Advice

In some cases, rather than just buying explosives from your supplier, you may also want some consulting services. In particular, explosives experts can guide you on how to use explosives to strategically advance further into the mine. These experts can steer you toward the best explosives based on the ground conditions in your area. For instance, if the ground is wet, you need explosives that can perform reliably in moist environments. Alternatively, a consultant can let you give them tips on where to blast to reduce drilling.

When choosing an explosives supplier, you want to look for a company that can provide the materials you need as well as a bit more. That helps make the most of your purchase.