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Choosing the Right Style of Metal Roof for Your Home

A metal roof is a great option for any home; it's a very efficient insulator and can often be fabricated from recycled or reclaimed metal, making it an eco-friendly choice as well. You may hesitate to consider a metal roof, assuming it will make your home look like a cheap shed, but this metal can be powder coated virtually any colour and also comes in a variety of styles. Note a few tips so you can choose which one of these styles would work best for your home, so your metal roof is functional and attractive, and you're happy with hit for years to come.

Concealed fastener

This type of metal roof is a popular choice for homes; as the name implies, the fasteners for the metal panels are concealed, so the roof has a clean and simple look to it. Some concealed fastener roofs also work with a locking channel system so that they have very few fasteners at all; this may provide better insulation for your home. However, note that the panels of a concealed fastener style are usually narrower than other styles, so this choice might look a bit busy on a smaller home with a smaller roof.

Exposed fastener

Exposed fasteners on metal roofs can give the home a bit more visual appeal and a slightly rustic look. The individual exposed fastener panels are usually wider than other choices, so this style often works better for a smaller home, as the roof won't seem cluttered or busy. Exposed fastener styles may not have the same locking channel system so they typically look flatter as well, a good choice for those who prefer a clean and simple look to the home's roof.

Standing seam panels

Standing seam panels include large interlocking channels; this can help with water runoff in locations with strong storms, as those seams create gutters or trenches. The larger seams also allow the panels more flexibility when they're locked together. If you have a metal roof applied over your existing asphalt roof, the standing seam panels will allow that metal to heave and collapse slightly as the asphalt expands and then contracts during the warm summer months.

Insulated panels

Insulated metal panels may be more difficult to install because of the layer of foam core under the metal, but they can be the best choice if your home has poor-quality insulation. This type of panel can also provide more insulation against noise, so it's a good choice if your home is located near an airport, busy freeway, and the like.