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4 Benefits of Choosing Pattern Paving Over Individual Slabs for Your Driveway

If you're going to pave your driveway, you might be thinking about laying down individual stone slabs. However, you might want to reconsider; though a less well-known option, patterned paving comes with a number of benefits over individual stone slabs.

Here are just four.

1. Easier to Lay Down

People are often surprised by just how long it tends to take to lay down individual paving slabs. Just remember that these are heavy items, and care needs to be taken to ensure that no errors are made; after all, an incorrectly laid paving slab can be very tough to move once the cement below has set. With pattern paving, the whole driveway can be done at once. The paving will be laid down in its liquid state before being patterned. This makes it a far easier and faster process.

2. Reduced Expense

When you're having your driveway re-paved, it always makes sense to keep an eye on your costs to make sure that you stay within budget. If you're working to quite a tight budget, it's a good idea to opt for pattern paving. The fact that it is faster to install than individual paving slabs is part of what makes it such a cost-effective option, but you'll also find that the raw materials are a lot cheaper.

3. Greater Range of Styles

There are plenty of style and design options that you can choose between when you pave your driveway with individual slabs. That said, you'll often find yourself paying more if you want to use more exotic types of stone, and the variety of options will prove far greater when you go for pattern paving. In fact, the array of available styles is close to unlimited; you'll be able to choose between different colours and patterns without having to worry about the added costs.

4. Reduced Maintenance

Perhaps most importantly, patterned paving requires far less maintenance work than individual slabs. That's because it's relatively easy for weeds to grow between each slab. These aren't just unsightly, they can also interfere with the foundation. The fact that there are gaps between each slab also means that it's easier for rainwater to penetrate, which can do plenty of damage when the water freezes. Patterned paving can be made to look like individual slabs, but the surface will actually be completely unbroken. Driveways put up with a lot of stress, so picking an option that reduces maintenance work is a great idea.

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