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Resin sealing a gravel driveway

While gravel is a very cost effective and simple material to lay down for a driveway, many people prefer to seal their driveways to get a smoother finish and eliminate some of the dirt and dust sprays that tend to occur when people drive on gravel. Here are some tips on resin sealing a gravel driveway

Clean and weed the driveway

Before the bitumen is laid, it is important to do as much preparation as possible to ensure a flat and dry surface. It is a good idea to clean and weed the driveway, although if the driveway is very overgrown or uneven it can be worth getting some light 'earthworks' done by running a small Kubota or similar device over the area. You may need to manually remove any unsightly items that have built up in the gravel, such as cigarette butts or other litter. This will help to maximise the life of your paving and ensure that your driveway is as even and smooth as possible. 

Lay the resin

The next step is to lay the resin over the gravel to seal the pavers. The resins seals are waterproof and not permeable so they'll stop weeds from growing on the surface and be easy to clean. You can lay the resin yourself, but many people find it easier to use a professional firm to lay the sealant as the firm has equipment that ensures the resin is evenly spread over the width of the driveway.

Allow the resin to dry before driving on it

The resin will usually be touch dry in a few hours, particularly on a warm day,  it may be several days before the driveway is dry enough to drive on. Driving on it before that date can damage the driveway, often permanently. Be sure to clearly mark off the area so that not only will friends and family not park in the wrong area but also to keep delivery drivers and other unexpected guests from driving on the driveway before it is ready. 

If you are looking to seal your gravel driveway to maintain the attractive appearance of a gravel driveway without the pesky issues with cleaning, resin sealing your driveway is a great option. If you have more questions about resin sealing and its benefits, talk to a company that specialises in driveway construction. Professional resin sealing of driveways is surprisingly affordable and convenient.