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Benchtops: Stone Materials Gaining Popularity in Households

Some homeowners tend to view their benchtops simply as utilitarian surfaces. Although they are put through heavy-duty usage, this does not mean that they are simply functional. Your kitchen benchtops tend to take up a significant amount of space, therefore, you can use them to integrate texture, colour and style into your kitchen. When embarking on kitchen renovations, one of the materials that you could use to create benchtops is stone. Since there are an array of stone materials that you could choose, it would be best to know the options that are available to you before you make your decision. Below are some of the stone benchtop materials that are steadily gaining popularity in households.

Reconstituted stone benchtops

This type of stone is also referred to as engineered stone. It is one of the non-porous stone materials that you can opt for, making it highly suitable for the kitchen. Its non-porous nature makes it extremely resistant to staining. Therefore, you can rest assured that your benchtops will not become an eyesore die to the different foods and beverages that it is exposed to. Reconstituted stone benchtops are also suited for homeowners looking to have uniformity with their benchtops. This is because these benchtops tend to have a consistent colour, unlike other natural stone materials. Lastly, reconstituted stone benchtops are maintenance free. They do not require any sealants to keep them attractive. All you would have to do is ensure they are cleaned and disinfected to eliminate any bacteria from raw food items that may have been placed on the benchtops.

Granite stone benchtops

This stone is typically cut into both small and large slabs, depending on what the homeowner's preference is. Granite is characterised by its vibrant appearance, making it ideal for people looking to add some colour to their kitchen. It should be noted that the degree of hardness of the granite will vary from one rock to the next. Therefore, although some granite benchtops may be scratch resistant, you may find other that will become defaced if you chop food items directly on their surface. It is also not recommended to place any hot pans on the granite benchtops as they could become scorched.

Marble stone benchtops

If you would like luxury benchtops in your kitchen, then marble would be a premium material to choose. The classic appeal of this stone adds an upscale touch to your kitchen and any other surface that you may install it on. However, marble needs to be sealed routinely if it is to stay attractive Failure to do so leads to etching, staining and scuffs on the marble surface.