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3 Popular Excavator Attachments Used With Mini Excavators

Excavation is an integral part of building construction jobs. Construction contractors usually need to dig up foundations for the new buildings, and of course, they need some help doing that. There are so many types of construction equipment out there that can be used for excavation purposes, all which are referred to by the generic name 'excavators.' 

One particular type of excavators that is widely used in building construction sites is called a mini or compact excavator. As the name suggest, it is compact in size, but can manage most of the workload done by the larger machines. Another major upside of mini excavators is that they are highly versatile machines, as they can be used for different jobs on-site. 

Mini excavators can be easily adapted to several different jobs because they work in tandem with an extensive range of attachments also available on the market. Here is a look at some popular attachments that are commonly used with mini excavators. 


While the standard and most common bucket that comes with each mini excavator is the general-purpose digging bucket used to puncture the soil, there are several different kinds of buckets too, depending upon the special requirements of the job at hand. For example, there is the V bucket, which helps easily penetrate through the soil, thanks to its angle-sided design. There is also the rock bucket, which is specially built to break and plough through hard rocks. Then, there is the scoop bucket, which has a larger load-carrying capacity than a standard bucket and has no teeth to ensure faster removal of earth from the excavated area.


Excavator augers are used for drilling applications and these attachments come in various sizes so that they can meet the requirements of the smallest to the most demanding jobs. Augers that work with mini excavators are typically smaller in size but they are sufficiently powerful. They are available in various drive systems, such as direct, planetary, and chain. Mini excavator augers are most widely used to dig holes for installing foundation piling. 


Excavator grapples are also known as excavator grabs for obvious reasons. As the name implies, these excavator attachments are used to 'grab' and move large loads, such as large trees, rocks and plumbing pipes at the construction location. Usually, grapples come in handy where the use of a standard bucket would be impractical. That helps explain why they are commonly favoured for demolition and tree removal projects.