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3 Benefits of Fitting Parquet Flooring in Your Home

Parquet flooring is made using lots of smaller strips of hardwood, with each fitted into a complex pattern. If you've been considering different flooring options, you might not have stopped to think about parquet, but there are plenty of benefits that come along with using it, and here are just three.

1. Style

Firstly, parquet is a very stylish flooring option. It tends to be associated with upscale period properties thanks to its intricate nature, so you'll find that opting for parquet is ideal if you want to bring a dash of sophistication to your home.

Additionally, parquet is very versatile. You can choose to use different types of hardwood to fit around different designs, and you can even mix different species to create a more interesting pattern. The patterns themselves will also provide plenty of options. While hardwood planks are usually just laid lengthwise according to the layout of the room, parquet can be laid in several different patterns, from herringbone to mosaic.

2. Maintenance

As with any type of hardwood flooring, cleaning parquet floor is very easy. Since it will not be able to harbour dust or grime, all you really need to do is go over it with a brush at the end of each day to keep it looking its best. Like traditional hardwood planks, parquet flooring can be sanded down and then re-treated every few years, a practice impossible with most materials that will dramatically extend the life of your flooring.

Parquet even boasts maintenance advantages of its own over traditional hardwood planks. Since it is only made from smaller pieces of hardwood, any serious damage isn't going to be as expensive to repair. If you drop something heavy and it causes a sizeable dent, it's cheaper to remove a smaller piece of flooring than a larger one.

3.  Value

When you're modifying any part of a property, you'll want to think about how those modifications are likely to affect the value of the home. Parquet flooring might be quite expensive, but it's also going to help attract buyers and add value to your home. Thanks to its style, it's easy for parquet flooring to draw people in, and it's a rare enough choice to make your property stand out from the crowd. This is why you'll often see 'parquet flooring' listed as one of the most visible benefits when estate agents are advertising a property.