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Timber Supplies: Tips to Prepping and Staining Pine Wood

Timber supplies are used for an assortment of applications in and around the home. One of the more popular types of softwood that is used for home renovation projects is pine wood. This timber has an attractive grain as well as beautiful texture, making it an ideal option for different uses such as cabinetry, furniture and more. However, to make the most of your pinewood, it is recommended to prep it and stain it appropriately. Below are some of the tips that you could use to maximise on the appearance of your pinewood.

Tip 1: Start by pre-treating the pine

Before you can begin any embellishments on the pinewood, you should ensure that the surface has been appropriately prepped. Professional contractors will use alcohol for this process but you can do this by applying benzoyl on the wood grain to open up the pores. This is an important step when working with pine as the wood contains resin and it would be best to eliminate this resin from the pores beforehand. Once the benzoyl has been absorbed, you should wipe down the pine using a soft cloth that has been dampened with the same benzoyl.

Tip 2: Eliminate dents, scratches and other imperfections

Once you have prepped the wood with the benzoyl, it is time to eliminate any superficial damages that your pinewood has acquired. To begin, invest in a premium wood filler that you will directly apply into the dents. This should be followed by smoothing out the surface using sandpaper. The sandpapering process should be done carefully to prevent making the surface of the pinewood uneven. The process of filling and sanding and should be repeated as many times as necessary until all the scratches and dents have disappeared. The smoother the surface, the leaner and more attractive your staining will be.

Tip 3: Invest in dark colours for your staining

For some homeowners, they first instinct when it comes to working with timber supplies is painting the wood to suit their individual preferences. However, it should be noted that some timber species simply look much more aesthetically appealing the more they are in their natural state. Pinewood is one of those species. Instead of painting the timber, you should seek out darker stains such as cherry or walnut hues that will enhance the look of the timber. Since pinewood has a naturally deep yellow hue, light coloured stains will not achieve any viable results.

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