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Bi-fold Door Frames: Wood, UPVC or Aluminium?

Bi-fold doors are becoming an extremely popular choice among Australian homeowners. If you are considering installing bi-fold doors, you may be trying to decide between wood, aluminium and uPVC frames. Below is a comparison of these three materials which will help you to make a decision about the best choice for your property.


Wooden bi-fold door frames can create a classic look within your home and are cheap and easy to install. However, the wood may also absorb moisture. When this occurs, the wood expands, causing your bi-fold doors to become stuck. If you live in an area which experiences lots of rainfall or high levels of humidity, you should think twice before choosing wooden bi-fold door frames.


UPVC is a lightweight and robust material which is within the price range of most homeowners. UPVC is water resistant and will not absorb moisture in the same way that a wooden door frame does. This water resistance makes it a good choice if you live somewhere which is very wet or moist. 

However, uPVC does have some drawbacks. UPVC is usually white in colour. Over time the white can begin to yellow, which can make your property look unattractive. Also, If you live in a part of Australia which experiences exceptionally high summer temperatures, the uPVC frame of your bifold door may being to warp in the intense heat. If this happens, you may have to have the entire door replaced. 


Aluminium will not warp when exposed to prolonged direct sunlight and high summer temperatures. This is because the metal frame does not expand or contract in the same way as uPVC. It will also not absorb moisture like wooden frames. Aluminium also provides better fire protection compared to both wood and uPVC.

As well as the traditional metallic grey, aluminium bi-fold door frames are available in a wide range of colours, meaning you can easily mix and match them so they complement the rest of your property. The drawback of aluminium is that it is more expensive when compared to uPVC door frames.

If you would like to know more about the various benefits and disadvantages of the different materials used to construct bi-fold door frames, you should contact you local door manufacturer and fitter. They will be able to discuss your needs and the local environmental conditions before making a professional recommendation about the best material for you.