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Why You Should Hire a Land Surveyor Before You Buy Residential Property

Some people overlook the importance of having a property surveyed before they close on that property. Such people may wish to cut the costs associated with purchasing a residential property. However, a land surveyor can help you to avoid several issues that may arise after you purchase that property. This article discusses some of those problems that you can avoid by having the property surveyed before you purchase it.

Boundary Disputes with Neighbours

Just because you see a fence does not necessarily mean that the fence marks the boundary of that property. You may therefore be shocked to discover that the property that you have just bought encroached on a neighbour's property, or the neighbour encroached on your property. A land surveyor can help to clarify where the true boundaries are so that you avoid conflicting with neighbours about property lines.

Confirming the Usable Space

Different jurisdictions have different regulations governing different property issues, such as the clearance between the property and the road or utility lines. Such zoning rules may reduce how much space is available for development when you buy a vacant lot. A surveyor can help you to establish how much space will be available for development once all the zoning laws have been complied with. This information can help you to make a timely decision about the suitability of that property for your development needs. Consequently, you will avoid wasting money by purchasing a lot that can't serve your needs.

Confirming Existing Records

Land survey technology has rapidly advanced over the past decades. Having a survey done before you purchase a property can help to allay any fears that you may have about the previous survey records of that property. Any errors discovered can also be corrected before you take possession of your newly acquired property. This can save you from costly mistakes, such as having to tear down a fence once it is later discovered that you based on inaccurate survey results to build that fence.

Different kinds of land surveys exist for different purposes. You should talk to your preferred land surveyor so that he or she can advise you about the different purposes that can be served by combining different survey techniques in order to give you comprehensive information about the property that you are planning to buy. Such information may include information about property lines and the vegetation on that property. Such detailed information may save you from having to hire other experts to gather the information that you missed when you commissioned a limited land survey.