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Different Types of UTE Covers

If you're thinking about buying a UTE cover for your pickup truck for the first time, you probably have some questions about what's available on the market. UTE covers not only provide increased security, but they can add aesthetic appeal to your truck. Most UTE covers are made from vinyl, canvas or hard plastic, but they come in a variety of styles to suit every need. So to help you sort through the options, here are some of the most common types of UTE covers you can buy.


A folding UTE cover is made of two panels that can fold in half, so you can lift up one panel of the cover, while keeping the other panel closed. Some styles of folding covers are hinged so that you can fold one panel on top of another, giving you the freedom to alter the appearance of the back of your truck based on your needs. The advantage of a folding cover is that it lets you fold one panel so that you can transport bulky and tall items, without having to remove the entire cover.


Retractable UTE covers are designed with a motor that allows you to roll out the cover and roll it in with the touch of a button. These are ideal covers if you want the security of a cover, but don't always need the cover to be closed. They are more secure and durable than folding covers, because they are typically built with a steel base. They also offer intermittent lock positions, which means that you can open or close the cover to whatever length you want.


Hinged UTE covers have built-in hinges at the front of the cover that enable you to simply lift the cover as you would a door, and lower it back into place. They are easy to remove, so they offer you convenience when you don't want to drive with a cover. They are typically made from hard material such as vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, or plastic, or soft material such as fabric. The hard material will cost you more because it is more durable, but it's also more difficult to install due to the increased weight.


If you're looking for the most affordable and easy-to-install UTE cover, then rolling covers are the choice. These covers are available in both soft and hard material, and typically attach to your truck bed with snaps. They are made from multiple panels that roll open and closed, and are simple, practical and easy to use. While they don't provide the durability of retractable UTE covers, they offer security and protection for whatever you are transporting.